VES Agenda




Thursday, January 3, 2019


Review recurring points

  • Standards
  • Deconstruction
  • Assessment
  • Where are we with PALS?
  • Where are we with Benchmarks?
  • DOK Levels
  • Always bring Data!
  • What did you bring to share?

Today’s Topics

  • What is MASTERY?
  • Seven Essentials for a PBL Article distributed
  • How to implement 7 essentials into lessons
  • Define entry event
  • Examples of entry events
  • Show in lessons
  • Student data
  • Launch entry event approach to lessons

Action Steps

  • Define PBL
  • Define DOK
  • Determine School side PBL topic
  • Determine how each class can do PBL/contribute
  • Map out time frame for PBL

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