Valley High School

Positive Behavior Intervention System


“The goal of PBIS is to makes schools effective and efficient and provide equitable learning environments for all students. Decreasing aggressive conduct and bullying can occur through improving culture and climate, building relationships with students and staff, changing academic outcomes and increasing prosocial behaviors.”


PBIS Expectations are posted in hallways and classrooms at Valley, and students are trained on the what PBIS means and how their “good behavior” can “buy them” rewards. 

Our focus at Valley is to “catch students being good” and allowing positive reinforcement to move the behavior and culture of our school to a place where learning is allowed to flourish.

IMG_8710.JPG A PBIS Rewards system is in place at Valley, where teachers “catch kids being good” and stamp their passport agenda books, which students can take points they have earned to buy things at the VHS PBIS Store and also in individual classrooms.  

T e s t i m o n i a l

—“my lab area has never been so clean since I started using the PBIS stamp system rewards to move student behavior in positive ways.   This is the greatest thing we have ever done to get everyone to where they need to be!”

                                                                       – Aleah Denny, Science VHS