Depth   Of   Knowledge Levels

DOK 1:  Recall–Remember their developmental level

DOK 2:  Multiple steps, one answer, cognitive decision

DOK 3:  Justify, some collaboration, abstract, real world, interdisciplinary, more than one answer, multiple approaches

DOK 4:

Performance tasks are Key in the higher order DOK 3-4

DOK 4 is “real world application”  (application is a skill)

The nature of a DOK 4 activity calls for a PBL  -project based learning

Take more time


Productis important and different

Teacher is facilitator…roles change as the student does the work


Students make decisions

Students do research

Challenge the kids

Problem solving

Higher order thinking –HOT

Discovery & Inquiry

Student does the work and they discovery through inquiry

Cross disciplines

Greater student autonomy…not cookie cutter

They are not led, as they come to their own conclusions.

Curve ball….. Throw on a “what if”, make it real world, this changes directions in thought…This is big, as it shifts the PBL to make them


Do not confine a student’s way to show mastery



  • Analyze
  • Infer
  • Compare & Contrast
  • Justify
  • Evaluate
  • Create
  • Synthesize
  • Summarize


Support resources-

GED- DOK work


arts DOK

math sci dok

read write DOK




Webbs Depth of Knowledge Guide


SoE Mtng PwrPt 10.19.12 (Finco)

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