Social Studies WVDE Electronic Resource

Here is a social studies resource from Joey Wiseman, WVDE social studies coordinator:

The social studies electronic resource packages were created by teachers from across the state.  The intent is to provide teachers with electronic resources and lesson ideas.   The packages were created along the Big Ideas in social studies at each programmatic level.  All objectives in grades K-12 will eventually be addressed. however every learning target may not be addressed so the packages will need supplemental materials or they may be used as supplemental materials along with current instructional materials.

The Electronic Resource Packages may be found on the Teach21 Website.

The packages have been divided into Modules at each programmatic level along with the big idea or title it addresses.  Every module is not complete at this time.  However, teachers are continuing to work on them and they will be posted as they are created, so keep your eyes on Teach21.

The packages may be used in the same way as a PBL with step by step instructions for the teacher.

However, some teachers may choose to only use the packages to locate content and online documents through the Electronic Resources Section which may be found towards the bottom of each module.

We should remember there are numerous other social studies activities found on Teach21.  The strategy bank is full of useful teaching tools.  In addition the Project Based Learning Activities, Unit Plans and Instructional guides can also assist teachers in providing top notch research based teaching strategies across all levels of social studies instruction.

As you browse through the electronic resource packages you will see a list of key academic vocabulary.  We must remember that studies show only defining vocabulary words is not very effective.  It is suggested that you use the strategy bank from Teach21 to locate activities that best fit the needs of your classroom when working with academic vocabulary.

As I mentioned before the packages contain a section entitled Electronic Resources.  Teachers have the option of skipping down to this section to locate numerous online resources that will assist in providing standards based instruction in your classroom.  You will also notice that there is a section title Products, Investigations, and/or Assessments.  Some are only suggested activities and rubrics that are not provided, while other teachers have included separate documents containing activities and rubrics.  If they are provided there will be a link to the additional documents.

All of the modules were created by actual classroom teachers.  No one modules is a one size fits all resource.

•      Remember the Electronic Resources Packages were created by WV teachers as a way to share their teaching methods that utilize a wide variety of instructional materials.

•      Modules were created using a wide-variety of approaches, so explore your grade level and feel free to adapt in order to meet your individual needs.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact my office at 304-558-5325 or email me at

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