Freshman Interventions



9th grade Staff– Diane Beard- SS, Ms. C Davis- Math. Ms. L Argento- Science. Ms. V Argento- Lfe, Mr. Cody Bennet & Ms. S Kincaid- ELA, Mr. Davenport & Mr. Gardner- PE & Health

Here are some things we are doing at VHS to make the transition from middle school to high school work well for our kids.


Weekly 9th Grade Level PLC Team Meetings for 9th grade teachers to collaborate and guide focus for moving 9th graders in transition to high school.

Life Class– video presented on drop out prevention “Staying in School is Cool” with follow up activities

Open House– Parents and students are invited to “meet the teachers” where they can obtain class schedules for students and participate in a “What Not to Wear” fashion show.  They secure lockers, meet sports teams, and can interact with representatives from Bridgemont College to discuss programs. Dinner is available for the families as well.

After School Program– 21s Century Learning provides homework help, support and guidance, and a meal

READ 180– This program scaffolds Literacy / learning for Freshman to keep them or get them to grade level in reading.

“Kennel Club”- Provides an older “buddy” for social support and academic success.

Field Trip– Bridgemont College’s annual “Create Pumpkin Drop,” Physical sciences participate in interdisciplinary unit and Hi-Y club does the clean up.

Hi-Y– This club encourages volunteerism and community involvement.  Various projects throughout the year encourages freshmen to be part of the larger community.  (A list of activities is available upon request)

“Greyhound Barks”- Articles in the local newspaper “the Montgomery Herald” highlight freshmen at Valley- this includes academics, athletics, artistic, achievements, and awards.  (Permission to print is supervised by Ms Beard)

Artwork is displayed in the school and community of freshmen

Honor Students Display –work of freshmen on display

Counseling Services are tailored for freshmen

Peer Mediation in place for freshmen

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