Steve Edwards FYS for December


Here are comments and assignments from our last meeting…

 Steve’s comments from our November meeting…

  • Valley teachers from last year are producing really good matrices
  • They are putting forth good effort, bringing good product,,,
  • A few are not doing much yet….
  • It is not embedded practice yet,,,, but that is ok
  • Interdisciplinary opportunities are here
  • When providing support ask questions…do not tell them…

We now need to see…

  • New matrices developed once they move beyond the one they are doing
  • Matrices used frequently in classes
  • Conversations by teachers on identifying what they want to see in the product
  • Those who have not done a matrix and done it with kids need to do a DOK 3 and use it to bring back product to the December meeting

Leadership team members need to each do a matrix to practice what we are preaching and to model best practices.

  • Implement, gather data, and bring it back for next time.
  • Keep in mind that students need to know what a high quality product looks like and must be held to it.
  • Be able to explain what you need to see in the product to know that the student is at mastery.

When students fall short they need to know where they fell short and why.  You cannot assume they will catch up when they fail on their work.

Some of our matrices can be taken to the next level.

It is important for all to bring to the meeting an array of genuine student work.

Do not get impatient, as this is a process where thinking is never really over!  It takes time to do this in the right way.

Each teacher needs to:

  • use a DOK 3 Question in your class.  If your have not gotten to the question in your matrix then you must create a free standing DOK 3 to use now.
  • bring a relevant product from their matrix and be able to explain how it meets their criteria for mastery of that question/concept.
  • be able to discuss the matrix’s impact on their instruction.
  • Work with Leadership team members as they are to meet with coworkers who need support, and help them write strong DOK 3 questions to implement and bring product to the meeting…
  • The products should not be just “stuff” that kids have done that isn’t related to the matrix.

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