Feb 20 Edwards Assignment

February 20th Edwards Assignment for All Staff

Design a cornerstone matrix around something that you are doing now, create a short cycle assessment, implement, evaluate it with your assessment & bring to the table when Steve returns NEXT WEEK!

Mastery Matrix 2 TEMPLATE

  • Design a short cycle assessment based on a new matrix
  • Design a matrix to use now A 9 block matrix would be great, and design it around a cornerstone skill- but this can be where you just create & use a one column matrix with a DOK 1-2-3 on same skills  (Quality over quantity)
  • Implement- The DOK 3 needs to be on what you are teaching now & it must be implemented to be able to bring data and product to next meeting in two weeks.
  • Evaluate/Assess– bring to the next meeting: 1) Artifacts of your short cycle assessment results & 2) student work!

Think about “Backwards Design” as you do this work, and design it from DOK 3 down.  Spending time on higher order trumps lower level development.

Points to consider:

  • This assignment can be where content areas get together and work with the 3 by 3 matrix in peer review prior to the next visit in two weeks.
  • Product needs to be continually looked at to see what makes a high quality product.  High Quality Product is the focus of this assignment.
  • Assessments will shows if teachers are really changing our practice…Seeing a change in our assessments across the board is huge in a school.

Short cycle assessment points:

  • Short cycle assessments can be designed around a cornerstone skill.
  • Think of a skill that you can focus on that works with other teachers across disciplines as well.
  • Middle and high can collaborate on this.
  • It would be best to have your DOK 3 matrix built around a cornerstone skill and write your short cycle assessment concurrently / from it.

Edwards Schools Leadership Team Assignment

  • Performance task… Define what a performance task is!
  • Design and implement a performance task in a short cycle assessment
  • Master matrix 2.0– use this now to design new matrix for instruction now
  • Cornerstone matrix this should be a cornerstone matrix
  • Higher Order Focus on 3-4 DOK naturally, as this happens all the time in our world and is where we want to be teaching/facilitating
  • Data…track the data around the short cycle assessments
  • Classroom visits –Leadership team members need to get in to classrooms and see what others are doing with the FYS work at VHS. We need to schedule / structure these peer-to-peer visits…. (A Principal walk thru doesn’t do it, as we are looking for a change In practice! Teachers support teachers instead of mandating change… Remember to visit don’tobserve.
  • 10-minute meetings…..the Principal needs to be doing and documenting this. Steve just published an article on the ten-minute meetings!
  • We need a FCS definition of “performance task”. Think of the word performance… what do we want to see kids doing to show mastery as we visit classrooms?


  • Analyze
  • Infer
  • Compare & Contrast
  • Justify
  • Evaluate
  • Create
  • Synthesize
  • Summarize

DOK Levels- FYS

  • DOK 1. Recall–Remember developmental level
  • DOK 2 multiple steps, one answer, cognitive decision
  • DOK 3. Justify, some collaboration, abstract, real world, interdisciplinary, more than one answer, multiple approaches

Do not confine a students way to show mastery

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