Edwards Work- MARCH 2014


A performance task is an experience created for students to demonstrate their learning. It demonstrates the foundation that you have laid for the learning process, as shown in their examples.

DOK 4 Criteria

  • Performance tasks are Key in the higher order DOK 3-4
  • DOK 4 is “real world application”  (application is a skill)
  • The nature of a DOK 4 activity calls for a PBL  -project based learning
  • Take more time
  • Rubric
  • Product is important and different
  • Teacher is facilitator…roles change as the student does the work
  • Collaboration
  • Students make decisions
  • Students do research
  • Challenge the kids
  • Problem solving
  • Higher order thinking –HOT
  • Discovery & Inquiry
  • Student does the work and they discovery through inquiry
  • Cross disciplines
  • Greater student autonomy…not cookie cutter
  • They are not led, as they come to their own conclusions.
  • Curve ball….. Throw on a “what if”, make it real world, this changes directions in thought…This is big, as it shifts the PBL to make them apply thinking skills.
  • The process is complex and usually has multiple skills.


Our Work for now…

  • A leadership team member works with each teacher
  • Everyone continues to work in PLCs on Matrix- begin to use the MATRIX 2.0 w/ DOK 4 template
  • DOK 4- develop high quality PBLs -w/ criteria– Performance Task / PRODUCT
  • PEER REVIEW–  Be able to respond to one another’s questions & Model the work!
  • Encourage one another, ask questions-  We all have good ideas- so listen and guide.
  • By our Thursday, MARCH 20th Edwards Meeting we all need to be ready to bring our new matrix 2.0 W/Product & student work!


Template – https://vhsteams.wordpress.com

Mastery Matrix 2 TEMPLATE

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