December 2014 Assignment



FYS agenda- DEC 1-5 2014

Edwards Educational Services will return to Valley on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 18th!


On our last visit we had Mike Evans and Anna with us, and at the end of the day they were impressed with our progress. Everyone was well prepared and had everything in place -both in the classrooms and in the sessions in the conference room- to let them see the good work that you are doing. Mike & Anna met with you in small groups like normal, and Anna also toured the building with the leadership team to do classroom visits.


Anna realized that everyone is working on the Edwards Framing your success (FYS) work at different places. With the matrix some are implementing, some are assessing, some are adjusting instruction- but all are changing how we teach to move learning to a higher level at Valley. A matrix used in one class impacts how we teach in all of our classes, as you are becoming facilitators to learning. The burden of learning must fall on the learner. We all learn by doing! As we all come on board this will become the norm everywhere in our school. Keep asking them the “WHY” as you teach and not spoon-feeding your students. Aim for DOK 3-4 lessons and make them struggle on their own to get the basic DOK 1-2 stuff.


Where we are raising our expectations it will move students to be self sufficient- and they will be better prepared for Smarter Balanced, ACT, and even jobs or college down the road. We all learned how to study and cram for tests when we were in college, as high school did not teach us how to think. Our students down the road will be able to figure things out on their own -as well as how to collaborate to find answers in order to survive in college or the work place. Our classes should reflect the real world where you and I find answers collaboratively to be able to stand on our own. Life is not a true false test or a spelling test, but a series of endless variables where we must figure out a way to survive and excel to compete. We owe this it to our kids!


Here is a list of what they had to say:


Positives they saw on their visit:

  • Everyone was well prepared- it was even better than last time
  • Student led activities were evident in classrooms.
  • Collaboration was evident in classes.
  • Research is being done in classes as a normal procedure.
  • At VHS younger grades are focusing on how to do good research.
  • Mike added that he is impressed at how the Non core teachers are doing well with the matrix
  • Teachers seem positive, confident, and passionate about learning.
  • Teachers own the work.
  • You shared how you did Peer-to-Peer visits and followed them up with a conversation afterwards. Student work was brought by all to share at the meeting
  • Students are not afraid to ask questions in class
  • “So what” & the WHY was asked in classes. You are forcing kids to think more!
  • Formative assessment with immediate feedback thumbs up / down
  • This is a long-term process, and there is evidence of instructional improvement.



Collaborate daily on matrix design and bounce ideas off one another

Peer review to adjust what you have in your matrix

Collaborate on making rubrics to measure success

Collaborate on designing assessments

Continue to do weekly peer to peer visits

Do mock Critiques of one another’s matrix before the next visit





  • Continue to do PEER TO PEER visits- be sure to debrief with one another after the visit to share ideas!


  • Continue to PEER REVIEW your matrix daily within your PLC


For the December 18th visit have:


  • Your new matrix containing DOK1-4
  • Use a new standard for this matrix
  • Implement your matrix in your class
  • Collect student work
  • Keep a copy of your RUBRIC
  • Assessments- Teacher designed- Formative- CFA-bring samples
  • Peer review- peer visits are continuous- Be able to share anecdotal evidence of peer visits & review




Photos from last time on

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