Intervention -VHS

Intervention Plan for MATH & ELA


How do we raise test scores and help our kids compete? the state has given us the tools we need to move learning with the Airest site.  This site houses our benchmarks and GSA, and has tools to use through the year to help students master what is expected of them in ELA and MATH.

Important: CIAs and IMAs now live in TDS

The Comprehensive Interim Assessments (CIAs) and Interim Module Assessments (IMAs) are now live in the Test Delivery System (TDS). This will allow districts and schools that already have completed all Classroom Benchmark Assessment (CBA) testing to begin taking advantage of the CIAs and IMAs for classroom instructional use.

  • CIA hits the bank of standards like the GSA
  • IMA hits specific standards and concepts

All of this work is standards based

The IMA is aligned with the GSA- TEST

Remember to teach standards

There are online components and diagnostics that go with your textbook and it is OK to use those resources.  However- make sure they address the standards you are teaching.

USE CAUTIONYour text has things in it that are not in standards – so do not teach chapter by chapter- look at the standards- use the info in the textbook that applies to those standards and do not spend time on things not tested.

IMAs target units – look at what you have taught and use IMA to gauge progress

Weak standards identified can be addressed- and measured with an IMA – you can even pre and post test with IMAs


  • Select bubble kids
  • Identify weak standards from CBA already given
  • Use the template provided in OneDrive and below to record this
  • Develop a lesson plan on how you will address this
  • Teach those standards over the next weeks in intervention time
  • Teach it in different ways if needed




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